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  • Accident / damage historyFind out if the vehicle has any damage history, so you can get a safe car at the right price.

  • Canadian Lien CheckFind out if there's any money owing on the vehicle, so you don't get stuck with someone else's debt.

  • Recall informationFind out if the vehicle has any unfixed safety recalls, so you can be confident you're safe behind the wheel.


  • Insurance claims from public and private insurers

  • Repair estimates from collision facilities

  • Police reported accidents

  • Theft of entire vehicle

  • Structural damage

  • Frame damage

  • Total loss

  • Rebuilt

  • Salvage

  • Irreparable

  • Flood damage

  • Hail damage

  • Lemons

  • Stolen vehicle check

  • Auction declarations

  • Airbag deployment

  • Odometer readings

  • Service records

  • Registration and branding information

  • U.S./Canada import records

  • Detailed U.S. history

  • Flag for one-owner and accident-free vehicles

  • Inspection records

  • Sherlock anti-theft markings

  • CAMVAP buybacks